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About Joe Cunnane & His Staff

Joe Cunnane, Attorney At Law

Attorney Joe Cunnane has a wide range of knowledge and practical legal experience in Disability Law, Personal Injury, Business, and Environmental law fields. Over the last 22 years, Joe has been focusing on disability and personal injury cases.

Prior to entering private practice, Joe worked as a bill-drafting attorney for the Washington Legislature. By working with the Legislators to write the laws of the State of Washington, Joe has an intimate knowledge of their meanings and intended purposes. Joe understands the complexity of the law and how to effectively use it to your advantage.

In 2004, Joe was selected to be a Washington Super Lawyer and was named a Rising Star in Washington Law and Politics. Joe remains a Shining Star and earned the award in 2004, 2006, 2007, and 2008. A further testament to Joe’s acumen is his rating on AVVO , which provides an unbiased rating of attorneys that considers results, actions and client reviews. Joe Cunnane earned AVVO highest attorney rating, “Superb” with a perfect score of 10 of 10 .

Joe is active with the Washington State Association for Justice, serving on their board of directors from 2003 -2005. Feeling very strongly that people deserve excellent representation, Joe has also taught other attorneys how to successfully bring auto claims for their clients. Raising the bar and representing clients with commitment and compassion is a way of life for Joe.


Joe began his legal career in Chicago. After graduating from the University of Illinois, he was a paralegal at a high-powered personal injury firm in Chicago. But the great outdoors beckoned, and Joe moved to Seattle where he graduated from the Seattle University
Law School.

Joe’s passion for helping others was fueled by an event in his own family. In 1999, Joe’s 62 year old dad died of asbestosis, a lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure. “Because of the careless activities of a few large corporations, my children will never be able to meet their grandfather.” Having a wife and two beautiful, young daughters, has heightened Joe’s compassion and dedication to helping people. No one is immune to negligence. But since we can’t turn back time, it is good to know that we can turn to Joe in our times of need.

Joe has more than 22 years experience in helping people who have been injured due to someone’s negligence. He’s won many cases and achieved great results. Although Joe’s first specialty is disability and personal injury cases, he also represents people in other civil litigation cases. In a recent appellate court case, Joe argued and won a hotly contested real estate land use case. Joe works very hard to receive quality results for his clients.

Joe’s passion for helping others doesn’t just stop in the courtroom. Joe is an active member in his community, he is active as a coach and in his church St. Catherine of Sienna in Seattle. He enjoys coaching youth in Basketball, Cross-Country, and Baseball. Currently, Joe is on the finance council at St. Catherine and is an active member of the St. Vincent DePaul society.

John M. Boone, Disability and Personal Injury Paralegal

John Boone has over 30 years’ experience in personal injury and product liability, and 20 years’ in disability law. He will assess your case, determine what is necessary to achieve a favorable result, find the specialists necessary to prove your disability or injury, manage the case from the beginning, and answer all of your questions along the way.

John’s start into law was anything but traditional. He had no intention of going into law when he was in college. His passion at that time was scuba diving and wanted to go into marine biology, but in the 1970’s you could not make a living as a marine biologist.

John’s father was a personal injury and product liability lawyer with and engineering degree in the SF Bay area. Around 1976, while in junior college, John was between jobs and couldn’t say no to an offer from his father to work in his office serving legal papers, running errands, etc. At that time, paralegals didn’t really exist but lawyers were in need of them. The lawyers saw a new trend of paramedics in the medicine field and knew that they needed something similar for law; from there, the paralegal was born. As John served papers, he began to read them and soon started writing them. He took a few legal secretary classes to learn the basics and found that he really enjoyed it. Soon after he finished those classes, he began to take Continuing Legal Education classes offered by the local bar association. When his father’s practice began to focus on pursing asbestos exposure claims John learned how to manage large scale personal injury cases.

John married in 1980 and shortly thereafter moved to Fresno where he took a job as a litigation paralegal (both plaintiff and defense) in the largest law firm in the Sanquin Valley. He worked on several arson/insurance claim defense cases and became one of the lead defense paralegals in the MGM Hotel Fire litigation in Las Vegas until that ended for the firm in 1984.

John moved to the PNW and worked for a handful of firms before landing with Joe in 2015. John first met Joe in 1995 when Joe was a law clerk for a law firm that was sharing office space with John’s employer at the time. They hit it off and have been friends ever since, playing golf together and playing softball in the King County lawyer’s softball league. John’s primary focus is Civil Litigation, specifically personal injury and disability since 1995.  When John left NBLE in 2015 he did a contract paralegal for Joe on personal injury cases and started Joe’s disability law practice until June of 2016, when he became a full time employee.

Our motto: Vini, vidi, vici = we fight, we work, we win!