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Personal Injury: Car Accidents


An article published by the Washington State Trial Lawyers Association states, “King County Superior Court Judge says, Allstate committed fraud!” The article starts out by saying, “if you get into an accident with someone insured by Allstate, you may not be ‘in good hands’ after all.”

King County Superior Court Judge, Philip Hubbard, recently ruled that Allstate’s claims policies and practices were illegal, and that Allstate misled injured accident victims in order to help its bottom line. This ruling came in the case of Jones v. Allstate, resulting from an accident involving Janet Jones and Jeremy Frances, an Allstate insured driver in November 1997.

Allstate’s own documents showed that consumers with attorneys filing claims against Allstate receive 2-3 times more in awards (NON represented case: $3,464 vs. represented case: $7,450.00). This has been a nation-wide problem for consumers for over fifty years. About 50 cases in 22 states address similar situations with the insurance giant! With the resolution of this case, consumers now have an avenue for recourse.

Anyone who has received Allstate’s “Quality Service Pledge” following an accident should consider the circumstances surrounding their case. It may be a good idea to contact an attorney to investigate whether or not fraud was involved.

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There are so many things to think about. Don’t do it alone.

  • Will you be paid for the time you’re losing from work? 
  • Will your medical bills be paid? 
  • What do you do if the person who hit you doesn’t have auto insurance? 
  • What if you don’t make a full recovery and cannot return to your former work? 
  • What will the insurance company offer you for your injuries? 
  • What do you do if the insurance company refuses to settle your case altogether or pressures you not to hire a lawyer? 
  • How will you know that the insurance settlement is fair for your injuries? 

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