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Do you suffer from Situational Anxiety While Driving?

file9581334320004You’re driving on the freeway in steady traffic and your exit is coming up so you look in your blind spot to change lanes. While your head was turned the car in front of you hit their breaks and now your fight or flight instincts kick into full gear. You couldn’t avoid the impact but the physical damage was minor. Months later you begin to feel anxiety every time you get onto the freeway. It worsens during high traffic, in unfamiliar terrain and at night. The effects of such anxiety can be crippling as your heart races and your hands shake in a cold sweat.

If you have experienced this type of anxiety while driving then you are not alone. Both fear and comfort while driving is a learned behavior. Here are some tips help with driving anxiety:

Take care of yourself. Avoid driving on an empty stomach, while experiencing blood sugar imbalances or while sleep deprived .

Cut out caffeine. This one might be difficult because it is after all the greater Seattle area. Caffeine is known to trigger anxiety.

Carpool. Engaging in conversation means that you are less likely to think anxious thoughts. However, choose your carpool buddy carefully to avoid distractions.

Manage your Stress. Exercise, meditation and yoga help to distress the body. Extended periods of overwhelming stress can trigger anxiety.

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