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Finding all The Facts

Personal injury cases are almost never straight forward. There could be hidden facts surrounding your case that may help or hinder it. The following is a list of five key factors that can ultimately impact the value of your case:

1. Economic Damages – These damages include a loss of income, medical expenses and property damage. Additionally, resulting disabilities could mean lost money over the course of a person’s lifetime due to missed days of work or missed promotions.

2. Non-Economic Damages – These damages include physical disfigurement, future medical expenses, and pain and suffering. Chronic pain that results from a collision may affect quality of life, causing physical limitations or impact a marriage due to loss of physical intimacy or a change in mental state.

3. Location – The venue of your case is determined by where the accident occurs. Some counties might be more sympathetic to personal injury cases than others.

4. Insurance Coverage – The amount an injured victim receives is determined by the coverage the other person has on their vehicle at the time of the accident. If they do not have coverage or carry the bare minimum in coverage then you might need to turn to your own insurance company for help. This falls under the “Under Insured Motorist” coverage.

Male and Female Professional Attire5. Courtroom Appearance – How you appear in court can make a significant impact on the final outcome of your case. On your court day dress professionally. For men this means wearing a dark suit and tie, or a button-down shirt and dress slacks with polished shoes. For women this means a professional business suit, a dark colored skirt that is not too short or tight with a buttoned-down blouse, or a dress with low heels. Appearance doesn’t only mean how you dress, it also means showered and clean shaven. Remember to also be polite and show respect responding with “yes sir” or “yes mam.”

The Cunnane Law Office has provided this content for informational purposes only.  You should refer your questions to a personal injury attorney.