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Get Your Vehicle Ready For Holiday Weather

form-48684Nothing is worse than breaking down on an icy pass with no cell phone reception. With all of the extra holiday travel you may be doing this season, get your vehicle ready before you hit the road.

1. Top off your antifreeze.

2. Install new wiper blades.

3. Fill your washer fluid.

4. Check your tires. Tire pressure should be checked monthly using a pressure gage. The correct tire pressure is located on your vehicles tire information label.

5. Check your battery. If it is more than three years old then have it tested by a technician.

6. Change your oil. (Approximately every three months or 3,000 miles)

7. Keep an emergency kit. This should include blankets, flares, a medical first-aid kit, a basic tool kit, a flashlight, jumper cables, bottled water, snacks, a shovel, candles and matches.

8. Keep an emergency contact list. Do you know the number for a tow truck, cab company or locksmith? It’s a good idea to keep a list on your phone or have a phone book in your car just in case you break down.

If you are in a minor accident or your car stalls, then pull over to the side of the road and stay in your vehicle while you wait for help to arrive. Do not get out to inspect the damage because you are at risk of being hit by another driver.

Stay safe this holiday season and always remember, “Before you sign your name, call Joe Cunnane.”