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Getting Social with Your Personal Injury Claim

facebook_logoWe post, tweet and hash tag our daily lives on the internet sharing our experiences with friends and family on Facebook, Linked In and Twitter not realizing that this content can be shared as public record. Many of us do not realize what the privacy policies really say and the fact that our information may even be sold to a third party website without us ever knowing it.

The reason I am bringing all of this up is that what you say online can affect and damage the outcome of your personal injury claim.

Even with privacy settings activated, your information may easily find its way into the wrong hands. Pages that are searched on Google will show up even without first logging in.

If you are on a social media website and you are in an accident, do not use any social media website until your case is completely resolved. Insurance adjusters may attempt to become your friend on Facebook or even follow you on Twitter to obtain information.

Let’s say that you claim that you are not able to perform any physical activity while suffering from debilitating back pain, however you post a photo of yourself golfing on Facebook. What you have said conflicts with the imagery posted and may ruin your credibility for the case. Remember, anything you say or do can be used against you later on in a court of law.

The Cunnane Law Office has provided this content for informational purposes only.  You should refer your questions to a personal injury attorney.