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Text and Drive Simulator

ae-texting-2jpg-2a653b32d0a2f670With texting and driving on the rise, there are now a number of simulators and games that have been released recently to show young adults just how difficult it is to text while maintaining complete control of a moving vehicle. The New York Times published one simulator that measures your reaction time and how it is affected by external distractions. You can find the link to test out your skills at:

I tested out the simulator and found that there is a delayed reaction when switching between viewing something close up and then something further away due to focusing your gaze. There is an additional delay that results in processing the information you are viewing.

Now of course the more you play the simulator the better you will get at it however this does not translate into getting better at texting and driving. Texting is a distraction that increases your risk of an accident by 23%. Try out the simulator to see just how much texting affects your reaction time.

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