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The Real Tragedy of Automobile Accidents

file3111252718915Every day millions of injured people who are the victims of automobile, truck and motorcycle accidents get pressured to take extremely low settlement offers. In one instance a client suffered a serious back injury as the result of an automobile collision. He needed back surgery to eliminate intense pain he constantly felt. The back surgery wasn’t successful and he needed to have a second surgery. During this time he was unable to work as a full time painter so he lost his job. He was being treated by three different doctors and going through physical therapy.

I worked on my client’s case for over a year due to the extent of his injuries. Initially the at-fault insurance company offered $30,000 and then increased the settlement to $93,000 three weeks before trial. After taking the case to court, my client was awarded $517,321. This allowed my client to get his second surgery and return to the workforce.

If you have experienced an auto accident and believe you might be getting the runaround from your insurance company, consider this criteria when calling Cunnane Law:

1.            You can’t participate in normal daily activities.
2.            Your medical bills are overwhelming.
3.            You are unable to return to work.
4.            Expenses are piling up and affecting your life.
5.            You have lost a loved one due to another person’s carelessness.


The Cunnane Law Office has provided this content for informational purposes only.  You should refer your questions to a personal injury attorney.