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What do you do when Traffic Lights are out?

traffic+lights+outIf traffic lights are out due to a storm or power outage then drivers are to stop at the intersection as though it is a four-way-stop. Drivers must then proceed through the intersection one by one in the order of first-come-first-serve. This means that you must yield to the right of way to others who have arrived first. If two cars arrive at the same time, then the vehicle to the right will proceed first.

Pedestrians, cyclists and other road users may be confused by malfunctioning lights and signals. Be alert and aware of your surroundings. When a pedestrian is waiting to cross, they have right-of-way so vehicles must yield to all pedestrians crossing.

If traffic lights are down in your area, you may report them to your local department of transpiration. If you need to call to report an outage, please pull over to avoid driving distractions.

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