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All of us have depended on our GPS Systems one time or another to get us somewhere when we are driving in an unfamiliar area. You may have experienced technical difficulties with your GPS such as the screen changing over to a battery recharge screen while mid path or maybe it thinks you are on a road that is actually an overpass. I have even had my GPS tell me to turn onto a one-way road going the wrong way. All of this brings me to one question, do GPS Systems cause distracted driving accidents? The answer is yes. The...[ Read More ]
You just returned home after being in a car collision and your mind is racing. Though it is difficult, before too much time passes you want to document all of your recollections about the incident. The sooner you start, the better because as time passes you may forget the details. I recommend that you keep a spiral notebook as your "accident journal"  Inside, write down everything you recall from beginning to end: Did the other car have the right of way? Did the other driver cut you off? Did the other driver admit being at fault? What were the weather...[ Read More ]
Every year the Washington Traffic Safety Commission releases statistics for Washington Car Collisions. A 2004 - 2008 report on Fatal Crashes Involving Distracted Driving showed an average of 152 deaths per year as a result of distracted driving. Since collision data is collected by investigators, these numbers may actually be higher because often times there is no evidence of distraction at the crash site and drivers may be reluctant to admit a distraction. In crashes involving death, statistics show the following mortality rates: driver - 65%, passenger - 23.7% and pedestrian 9.8%. Nearly a quarter of the deaths were between...[ Read More ]
Cases are not won based on "facts". They are won based on the evidence presented both in and out of court. When an injured victim fails to provide evidence or supporting documents as proof to the insurance carrier, they are giving them the perfect opportunity to reject a claim. No person knows when an accident is going to happen. It can happen at any time to anyone, yet from a legal standpoint the biggest mistake an injured person can make is failing to document everything that just took place at the scene of the incident. A lack of proof can...[ Read More ]
As the days get sunnier you might find yourself staring out the office window daydreaming about your next road trip.  Here are some tips for staying safe for the next big trip cross country or just crossing the Cascades. On long drives your attention may begin to wonder or the wrong song might begin to rock you to sleep. Before beginning a long drive, always get enough sleep and eat a healthy meal. Here in Western Washington caffeine is always the answer, but it isn't necessarily the best way to stay alert while driving. Stimulants may have a downside when...[ Read More ]
Insurance adjusters try to confuse, frustrate, and even pressure you into saying something that could potentially damage your claim. The following are tactics used by insurance adjusters to accomplish just that. Tactic #1 - First Call:  Insurance adjusters will contact a victim to settle a claim immediately for a very small amount of money. They want to meet with you right away because an injured person may not be aware of all their damages until several months down the road so this is the prime time for an insurance adjuster to settle claims. Tactic #2 - Failing to Reveal the...[ Read More ]
Remember feeling invincible those early years when you learned to drive? Being cool was first priority so we played our music too loud or raced friends home. Sadly, car crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in the U.S. As a parent, there are several things that you can do to help curb these statistics. Teens really learn to drive by watching their parents so lead by example. Show your teen the importance of buckling up. More than half of teens killed in car crashes were not wearing a seat belt. Teen crashes often happen because of inexperience...[ Read More ]
We post, tweet and hash tag our daily lives on the internet sharing our experiences with friends and family on Facebook, Linked In and Twitter not realizing that this content can be shared as public record. Many of us do not realize what the privacy policies really say and the fact that our information may even be sold to a third party website without us ever knowing it. The reason I am bringing all of this up is that what you say online can affect and damage the outcome of your personal injury claim. Even with privacy settings activated, your...[ Read More ]
It's almost spring in Edmonds and we have hit the rainy season. What does this mean for drivers? Freeway backups and accidents due to slick roads. Rain is to blame for thousands of accidents every year. The first rain after a long period of dryness can cause oil  to come to the surface of the road. This means you will have less traction on your tires so you might skid while breaking or spin out of control. Roadways may be covered in water or have standing pools of water causing your vehicle to hydroplane at accelerated speeds.  Moreover, drivers experience...[ Read More ]
Every day millions of injured people who are the victims of automobile, truck and motorcycle accidents get pressured to take extremely low settlement offers. In one instance a client suffered a serious back injury as the result of an automobile collision. He needed back surgery to eliminate intense pain he constantly felt. The back surgery wasn't successful and he needed to have a second surgery. During this time he was unable to work as a full time painter so he lost his job. He was being treated by three different doctors and going through physical therapy. I worked on my...[ Read More ]