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The Importance of Taking Pictures After a Car Accident

Car AccidentCases are not won based on “facts”. They are won based on the evidence presented both in and out of court. When an injured victim fails to provide evidence or supporting documents as proof to the insurance carrier, they are giving them the perfect opportunity to reject a claim.

No person knows when an accident is going to happen. It can happen at any time to anyone, yet from a legal standpoint the biggest mistake an injured person can make is failing to document everything that just took place at the scene of the incident. A lack of proof can destroy a potential injury claim.

If possible, you or someone who is with you should document the scene. You can easily collect evidence with a cell phone using the camera and video functions.

Because your cell phone is your best defense, it  is always a good idea to charge your phone before leaving home or keeping a charger in your car.

Here is a list of things that should be photographed or videotaped (include the date/time stamp if possible):

  • Both vehicles showing impact, how they stopped including skid marks. Photograph from all angles and include the license plates.
  • Details of the damage made to each car.
  • Roadside debris, broken glass and damaged items inside the car.
  • Bodily injuries, including every cut, scrape bruise and scratch. Also take pictures throughout the healing process.
  • If you believe visibility was blocked by a tree or construction then make sure to take pictures of those things before the scene changes.
  • If you believe the other driver might be under the influence of alcohol then quietly video  their actions and statements.
  • Take pictures of items you may need for your injuries including wheelchair, cane, bed pan, knee brace etc.

If there is a dispute over what occurred, photos and videos will tell the real story. Even if you do not think you will need to file a claim it is better to have evidence and not need it, then to realize two months down the road that you are not healing and you should have photographed the scene.

The Cunnane Law Office has provided this content for informational purposes only.  You should refer your questions to a personal injury attorney.