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Tips to Stay Awake on Your Next Road Trip

file5901256161591As the days get sunnier you might find yourself staring out the office window daydreaming about your next road trip.  Here are some tips for staying safe for the next big trip cross country or just crossing the Cascades.

On long drives your attention may begin to wonder or the wrong song might begin to rock you to sleep. Before beginning a long drive, always get enough sleep and eat a healthy meal. Here in Western Washington caffeine is always the answer, but it isn’t necessarily the best way to stay alert while driving. Stimulants may have a downside when they begin to wear off.

Taking breaks to pull over and stretch your legs every couple of hours will allow you to re-energize. Take advantage of this time to grab a quick snack or a much needed nap.

Keeping up in good conversation will help you to stay awake, but also be careful that it doesn’t distract you. Take turns driving with another adult so that you can allow time for a little shut-eye. If you are driving alone, turn on  the radio or music and keep the window cracked open to allow cool air in.

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