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What Others Are Saying About Joseph Cunnane

DSC_4027Avvo is the largest question and answer forum where real people can anonymously ask legal questions and receive personalized answers. Avvo offers ratings and profiles for every lawyer including client reviews, peer reviews and attorney disciplinary records. Client reviews are the best testimony for how an attorney is doing their job. You can see what others are saying about Joseph Cunnane at:

Hear what clients are saying:

“Trust is such a big factor in hiring a lawyer. I found Joe Cunnane to be one of the most trustworthy people I have ever worked with. He’s compassionate and genuinely caring. I would refer him to my closest friends and family members without hesitation.”  – Posted 16 days ago

“Joe is by far the best lawyer I have ever worked with. My case was challenging and Joe handled it excellently; I was very pleased with the outcome. Joe works very hard, keeps you updated and informed of what comes next; always returned phone calls and works towards the client’s best interest. I highly recommend him.”  – Posted 8 months ago


Hear what other lawyers are saying:

“I’ve know Joe for 7 years and we worked together on several major cases. Joe knows how to work with the insurance companies to get fair settlements for his clients, and he knows how to be tough with opposing attorneys and their insurers if they make him go into battle. Joe is an active member of our State’s most influential trial lawyers organization WSAJ / WSTLA and is also involved in a number of important committees. Joe has an excellent and dedicated staff. You will be well taken care of.” – David Crump, Medical Malpractice Attorney in Edmonds, WA

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