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When is it Safe to Drive After Drinking?

file0001847431097According to the Nielsen Company, 51.7 million cases of beer are sold to fans on Super Bowl Sunday. This number continues to grow every year so it comes as no surprise that police were patrolling for drunk drivers all day Sunday.

Did you know that alcohol is a depressant that affects your reaction time, coordination and vision? Additionally it can compromise your judgment and ability to multitask. What this means is that when danger is ahead, your distance and speed perception might not be what they seem so things can look closer or further away than they really are. You might have the right intent to avoid the danger, but your reaction time or coordination could compromise your ability to react.

Intoxication levels may be affected by your fat content and food consumption so how do you know when it is okay to drive? The answer can be found by calculating your blood alcohol concentration and then dividing the answer by .015. The resulting answer is the amount of time it takes to metabolize that much alcohol. This calculation be found here:

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